Saturday, 27th October 2011


     Halloween Ghost Hunt

with guest medium


To book ring 01789 298070

Have you ever wanted to go on a ghost hunt like Most Haunted? Try your hand at table tipping or glass divination? Well, now is your chance within the experienced hands of the Falstaff's Team and some excellent mediums from all other the country. We use well-tried and gifted mediums who are known in the trade and we confirm any historian facts or past sightings, but equally if we have not heard of that spirits or fact before - we say so!  The evening includes:

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Guest psychic medium
  • History Tour with owner of Falstaffs
  • Use of ghost-hunting equipment
  • Psychic Workshops (dowsing, table-tilting, glass divination, scrying).
  • Watch-and-wait vigils in the most haunted areas of the building.
  • Light snacks and refreshments.

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Falstaff's guides and mediums are obliged to deny entry to, or eject (without refund), any person who they believe, through drunkenness, or for any other reason, may disrupt the tours or vigils for other guests, or affect their safety.

The evening ghost tours and vigils are NOT suitable for children.

Patrons are reminded to be extremely careful as they go round the building.

The vigils may not be suitable for people with claustrophobia.

We reserve the right to remove anyone who is disrupting the museum or other visitors, abusing staff or interferring with any of the exhibits (without refund). Any damages must be paid for.

Please see our refund policy.

Due to changes in Consumer Law replacing the Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951 we are obliged to state the following: "All services provided on ghost hunts, vigils and other events are for entertainment purposes only."

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