Some strange phenomena captured on camera at Falstaff's


Picture of a large orb on top window of house caught on camera by Georgina Oakley, who had just been on a ghost tour around the property with her partner.

These set of pictures were taken by James Hilton during a ghost tour. There are hundreds of orbs in the tunnel area (not specks of dust or camera flair, as you can clearly see the patterns).

And a James Hilton also took this one of a very clear and unusual orb on the staircase.

Moving orb just above picture and larger orb right off the picture next to the bear. Captured by Jill Harding on a ghost tour.

Another orb next to the bear.

Thank you to Dawn and Rob for these pictures taking during the day in the museum. We have overexposed the pictures to show you the orbs that seem to be very attracted to Rob.

A small orb just in the left hand top corner, capture by Jill Harding while on a ghost tour.

A collection of orbs, drawn to, and surrounding medium Paul Reilly in the drawing room of the Shrieve's House (see picture below). Picture taken by Tori.

Close up of one of the orbs 

Lots of orbs?

A collection of orbs? Mist? Or ecctoplasm?

Streaks of light (ecctolplasm perhaps?)

Streaks of light from the tavern ceiling taken some time apart. Pictures were taken straight afterwards of the same scene at the same time, which do not have any streaks in them, neither was there anything hanging from the ceiling.


Some unexplained mist in the religious
persecution room (see picture on the right).

Mist surrounding the house (close up below)

Another interesting picture taken by James Hilton on one of our ghost tours. On this occasion he capture both mist and orbs.

These two girls sent in this picture, which they took straight after participating in one of our ghost tours. They were quite concerned.

Full apparition?

Is this the spirit of a little girl caught on camera (see pic below left)?

Is this a face in the curtain,
or just a trick of the light?
 (underneath the 'face' is a large six-sided orb).

Thermal images

The thermal imaging camera picked up this image or a life size object in the Henry VIII room. Is this Lucy again, but this time when she was cut open? Special thanks to UK Ghostfinders for use of these images.

On the left is a handprint picked up on the floor in an empty room. On the right, there appears to be a figure standing in the doorway.

Finally, perhaps the strangest of all!

This strange photograph (on the right) was caught on someone's mobile phone while on a ghost tour.

We are not quite sure what it is or what to make of this one!

This picture was taken by Dean Buckley on Friday 13th 2011 in the Seance Room and appears to show a light anomaly that looks like a person sitting in a chair.