Some sites you may find of interest

Historical sites

Tutbury Castle

Historical Music

Merry Noise

Tudor sites

Tudor World
Tudor History Organisation
Elizabethan Times
Britain Express
Elizabethan Costume
Elizabethan Food
Henry VIII and the Tudors
History on the Net
BBC: Tudors
Tudor Britain (V&A)

The Tudor Tattler
On The Tudor Trail
The Anne Boleyn Files
The Elizabeth Files
Guide to the Bubonic Plague

Tourism Organisations / Information sites

Shakespeare Country
Heart of England
Enjoy Warwickshire
The Stratford Society
Stratford upon Avon
Visit Stratford upon Avon
Activ Stratford
Avon Literary Festival
Shakespeare's Stratford
The Best of Stratford upon Avon
Heart of England
Enjoy England
Day Out with the Kids
Escape and Explore


Chiltern Railways
Shakespeare Line
Stratford Park and Ride
Stratford Railway Station
Shakespeare Express
Stratford Bike Hire

Stratford accommodation

The Holiday Inn
Wood Stock House
Adelphi Guest House
The Falcon Hotel
The Shakespeare Hotel
Alveston Manor
The Swans Nest
Avon Park House
Faviere Guest House

Paranormal Events Companies and Groups

Stratford Ghost Tours
Ghost Hunts and Vigils
Fright Nights
Haunted Happenings
Dusk Till Dawn Events
Eerie Evenings
Haunted Breaks
GPS Ghostfinders UK
UK Ghost Nights
A Fright on the Town
Hereford Paranormal Group
Mystical Ghost Hunts (Chris Conway)
Spooky Times
Haunted Rooms


Curtis Brae
Butterfly Farm
Shakespeare Houses


Chris Derry - Ceramic Artist
Open-minded skeptic

Psychics and mediums network

Daniel MacDonald

Ghost caught on Camera
Scary Clowns

Horoscope FAQ
The Horoscope
Online Free Tarot
Psychic Reading

TES Teaching Resources